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No one say no to gelato

Our gelato is a superior product in comparison to ice-cream. Gelato contains on average 50-60% less fat! Gelato, although much creamier and flavourful than ice-cream actually has fewer calories. Vegetable fat, which is the usual choice for ice-cream is substituted for dairy fat, which poses as a far superior fat content.

Qualita e Passione


After long established as one of the most famous gelato distributor, we have become known for handmade gelato at Klang Valley, Malaysia.

Since then our reputation has spread fast across Malaysia and beyond delighting many of our loyal and new customers who line up on hot summers days to get a taste of our luxurious handmade gelato and sorbet.

MyJelado is an initially distributor who has been continually supplying to 300+ fined selected restaurant and has proudly served over 100 flavours of gelato and sorbet all made fresh to order by our team of gelato chefs.

Our chefs stay true to Italian tradition in their creation of authentic Gelato paying close attention to detail.

Our gelato is passionately hand crafted daily to produce lovingly made luxurious flavours certain to excite all tastes. Each individual unique flavour is carefully balanced through sourcing only the finest ingredients using natures own natural colours and flavours, never compromising on taste.

To establish Myjelado as the premier purveyor of the finest Gelato that distinguish ourselves from other competition with the quality of our gelato and customer service. We strive to build long lasting relationships and endeavour to go the extra mile!

To share happiness among people. Flash those pearly whites and give someone a smile that will light up their day.

Less Fat content is what makes Gelato taste better, and is also healthier. Gelato doesn’t coat the palate of your mouth or leave a fatty after taste, so the flavours are more light and satisfying.

Least Sugar & Fat

Ice cream contains at least 15-25 percent butterfat and  gelato includes only about 0 to 8 percent fat.

No Food Additive

Gelatos are made by fresh ingredients without food additive. It can retain a lot more nutrients and much healthier.

Digestive Enzymes

Myjelado’s Gelato is made only using the real ingredients. Enzymes help your digestive system work better.

Energy Boosting

Gelato contains carbohydrates from fresh ingredients, which your body can quickly absorb and use as energy.


Gelato certainly can’t replace good hydration habits, but it does contain a fair amount of water.

Makes You Happier

Feeling sad? Grab a spoon and dig into your favourite flavour of gelato, this can actually cheer you up!

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